Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch -- 2009

Wow it was cold. Something happened over the days leading up to this year's pumpkin patch excursion. Summer ended in a torrent of rain and went directly to winter...do not pass GO...do not collect 200 dollars... It had to be 40 something when we went, but we needed pumpkins to carve, so sacrifices must be made.

We showed up with another family of friends and the kids spent quite some time running around, riding the train, jumping in the big jumpy thingys, playing in the teepees, and rummaging through the gift shop. The gift shop had cute places set up to take pictures of the kids on pumpkins and hay bales and such. It's surprising how hard it is to get a picture of all the kids together. The shop also happened to be the only place warm. I wonder how their "shaved ice" booth's sales were this year? Hmmm...That had to be a lonely gig for the 15 year old employed to sell the stuff.

Ok, this is the part of the post where I get really lazy and post pictures instead of writing anything creative or funny.

Ooof...Lift with your legs...That's the advice right?

Wheeeee! Thump!!

Can't talk...eating taffy...mmmmfff...

Attack of the killer Sunflowers? Much more fun than a movie by a similar title.

I love the laugh...

I was driving to work the next Monday morning and kept hearing a "Thump" when I made turns. When I got to the parking deck to investigate, I found our pumpkins sitting happily in the back where I had forgotten to remove them in the effort to get the cold kids into the house after the trip. I wonder if I can get a tax credit on my car as a produce transport vehicle?

Aiden stole my hat and thought it was great. I thought the photo opportunity was better.

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