Friday, August 20, 2010

We are all just M.A.M.I.L.s?

Dang. One of the fun activities I personally identifiy with as being great fun, somewhat unusual, and kind of Out-of-the-Mainstream-Edgy is actually just another typical mainstream commercialized un-original joke.

I remember thinking that skydiving was like that during the decade I spent in that sport, until the X games started. Then it turned out that everybody and his brother seemed to have become “Jumpers” even though they had only done a tandem once and threw up on themselves in the process. Now cycling is just another of the activities pushed off as standard fare for the mid life crisis crew.

M.A.M.I.L. = Middle Aged Men In Lycra.

They even cheapen the thrill I had on the recent cycling vacation saying that the typical "Fred" has to make a spiritual cycling journey to the mountains. It’s not unusual, or a way to differentiate one's self, it's just another average and predictable thing that mid-life people do.

Oh well, here’s to just being one of the masses that our youth oriented culture laughs at while rolling their eyes. To paraphrase the article (because I’m too lazy to find the line and copy it), It’s better than finding mid-life-mediocrity at the bottom of a pint glass… (My version is better anyway.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sleep Talking

Aiden has been on a roll recently. He may talk all the time in his sleep, but recently he has ended up in our bed somehow, so I get to hear his nightly commentary. Each time he does it, I think that he has woken, but when I look, his eyes remain closed. Sometimes he will sit up and laugh with his eyes closed and then flop back down on the pillow that he manages to pilfer when he sneaks into our bed.

Here are my favorites quotes so far:
  1. Following some loud laughing he yelled "MIIIISSSSED MEEEE!" in the typical sing song style you would hear on a playground.
  2. "That's the Ferris wheel for all of us to ride on..."
  3. "Mine! MINE!"
I wonder if his dreams are any more real to him than daily life. It certainly doesn't sound any different from what I can tell.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Another summer of fun and vacations comes to a close as the kids head back to school. I look at these pictures and realize how much changes in the space of a year. I got a picture of Bryce and Ansley on the first day of school last year, and the differences are really quite remarkable. Bryce is excited about Second Grade, and Ansley is already a First Grader.

I'm glad I have photos to freeze these moments because they are so different looking and their personalities change so much in such a short period of time.