Friday, August 13, 2010

Sleep Talking

Aiden has been on a roll recently. He may talk all the time in his sleep, but recently he has ended up in our bed somehow, so I get to hear his nightly commentary. Each time he does it, I think that he has woken, but when I look, his eyes remain closed. Sometimes he will sit up and laugh with his eyes closed and then flop back down on the pillow that he manages to pilfer when he sneaks into our bed.

Here are my favorites quotes so far:
  1. Following some loud laughing he yelled "MIIIISSSSED MEEEE!" in the typical sing song style you would hear on a playground.
  2. "That's the Ferris wheel for all of us to ride on..."
  3. "Mine! MINE!"
I wonder if his dreams are any more real to him than daily life. It certainly doesn't sound any different from what I can tell.

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