Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 gap - levels of acceptable?

The rain started early. That's one way to put it. When I rolled into the parking lot of the Dahlonega high school to attempt my 5th Six Gap ride, the heavens opened up and became a downpour complete with flashes of lightning that would make any Miami photo-shoot pale in comparison. It was only 6am. I had a long day ahead of me. I hadn't slept well knowing that I hadn't trained quite as well as I have in the past, and a rain soaked starting line didn't help to ease my fears of how quickly this ride could become un-fun. Riding bikes is all about fun, right?

The more times I have done this ride, the more I have dreaded the endless hours of preparation that are required simply to make sure that one can complete the distance. I trained all right, because I have experienced what poor preparation can do to a person out on the steep inclines of north Georgia. It ain't pretty people. Trust me on that one. This year, I had done the work, all to make this challenge as enjoyable as one can. It's supposed to be a difficult task, and by doing it I find a purpose to keep fit and keep myself from becoming completely consumed by the office and all the other difficulties that life throws at you.

As the rain came down and battered the car windows, I was still happy to be there and happy to be able to face some of the hardest roads that the south has to offer.

I don't have many pictures of this soggy several hours, and I have had less time to actually load them, but I figured I would offer up a teaser entry to the blog. I'll write more tomorrow and post a couple of shots of the rain soaked splendor that was Six Gap 2010.

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