Monday, March 21, 2011

Blogging, Time Passing, and a Happy Birthday!

I realize that my life, which is the general basis for this blog, is so busy and "fun" that its seriously hampering my abilities to write about it. Something of a paradox, eh? The more there is to write about the less time there is to write about it?  I'm sure you are all like totally..."Whatever dude...shut up and get on with the post.  We could care less about the paradox that you mention since it happens to absolutely everyone."

Ok ok, people... calm down.  I'll get to the point of the post.

I do want to throw in a small note, since all the records that I am amassing here in this blog will eventually help me remember who my kids are when I'm 80...who am I kidding, when I'm 60 with my memory.

That small note being that I now have a 9 year old son.

Holy cow.

How in the flying flippity flap did that happen? Well, I know HOW it happened smarty pants readers... A question like that is rhetorical for crying out loud...

Anyhoo, I got a message from my Dad today as he was digging through his own digital camera archives, and it depicts my now 9 year old son as a 1-ish year old toe head kid sitting on my shoulders at a Christmas parade on a fine cold day in Florida. Yep, it was a frigid 70 degrees. I can tell because we have long sleeves on. When it actually hits 68 degrees, all the true Floridians don their finest leather jackets and parade around like it's Green Bay, WI or something.

Here he is. Wow. What a cute little kid.

And, as one of my best friends mentioned, much less hair I have now vs. then. Pffft...whatever.

For current reference, so you can see the amazing change from those photos to now.  I hereby present this excessively over produced silly video.  You can see the biggest change (aside from Bryce not being seen small and on my shoulders) that there are two other really big children of mine in the images.  Neither of which were even alive at the point of the photos of Bryce above.  Wow.

How did that happen???

Oh wait...I've said that already.

Happy 9th Birthday!

Now in 1080p HD if you!

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