Saturday, November 19, 2011


My youngest has been a wealth of laughs in his 4 years, and I wanted to put a post together to share some of his top comments.

  • Upon seeing a small tree with a cage around it to stop deer from eating it he came up to me and with a completely sincere face said, "Look Dad!  They caught that one!" and then ran off to continue playing.

  • Riding in the car home from a camping trip.  The kids were playing a spelling game.  Aiden had to spell some simple word that has slipped my mind.  His answer?  K...uh...R...uh...ZERO!!!  *Laugh's hysterically*  Ah, I hope he gets a good education...

  • Holding an empty box of waffles up to his face and looking into it.  (He does enjoy a good frozen waffle.)  I said that looking into the empty box won't may any more appear in there, and he said, "That's ok.  I'm invisible!!!"

  • The kids and I were scrambling down the stairs to the car so I could take them to school.  (Just like every other day)  We found that Aiden had already climbed in and buckled himself.  His hair was sticking up in all directions, he was wearing his backpack (while being buckled) and still had on his fuzzy pajamas, but he was ready to go to the Big Kids school.

  • A friend gave us a box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  (A friend that doesn't care about our dietary health it would seem, or was trying to save themselves from the call of the junk food.)  er....  Either way, we had doughnuts and Aiden spotted them, grabbed the box, set it on the table in front of him, and asked, ever so politely, "Dad, can I ONLY have two?" before I had a chance to even say anything.  Only two?  Odd phrasing, but I guess it's better than just licking them all and saying, "Oops, I guess I'll just have to eat everything. 
Parenting.  It's good stuff

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jennifer Wiggins said...

umm....sorry about the KK doughnuts. Lol--I am still your friend right ??