Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let There Be Light! The Serfas 1000

I went on a quick night ride tonight, and since last Friday's night ride was thwarted by a burned out lamp, I had borrowed a demo from the local shop Bike Link.  Good people them a visit.  

And now that I'm done with the plug of one of the local bike shops, let's talk lamps.

I demo'd the Serfas 1000 lumen lamp.  Compared to the 10 year old halogen lamp I have been using to ride through the winter nights on the Oak Mountain trails, this was a real change.  I had no idea how bright these things were.  My old lamp (a vintage 2003 Light and Motion Solo Logic MV) must be putting out a whopping 200 lumens now and will last about 2.5 hours.  This Serfas will throw off 1000 lumens continuously for 3.5 hours, 650 lumens for 6 hours straight, and up to 21 hours on the lowest level, but who cares about that last one.  I'm not planning on riding at the north pole during winter where I would ever need 21 hours straight of lighting.

Holy crap it's like having the sun packed into a bulb on your head.  Without all the heat, radiation, and massive prominences of course...  I was also told that having a set of stadium lights on my head was quite the conversation starter...

The Niner illuminated!

After spending 2 hours riding around in the woods as fast as I could go... I noted that this lamp may be more effective than my car headlamps.  You be the judge. 

The Car
The Serfas

More reason to spend time outdoors in the dark!  But with less of the dark part!

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