Friday, January 23, 2009

I’m moving to live on the Riviera with this idea!

I was sitting with a friend of mine the other day and I came up with a fantastic business idea.

I can’t remember quite what sparked the idea, but even after a few days it seems to still make sense. What’s sad is that this idea will more than likely be wasted on my lack of experience, serious risk aversion, and my superhuman ability to procrastinate until someone else comes up with the same idea and actually acts on it.

I blame myself for having not tried something entrepreneurial prior to having kids and needing a proper stream of income to support my family and feed my bicycle/coffee addictions.

It’s tough to abandon good income once you have got the family attached to a certain level of living.

I truly respect people who have the guts to risk it all…

Now after all that has been needlessly typed out, drumroll please!

The Idea!


The idea is to provide a short portable 8x8x7 size box (think a PODS storage size box) with a ready-made bar in it. One of the long sides of the Box would swing up as a kind of patio roof, and inside would be a narrow bar, complete with kegger-ators, taps, coolers, Xmas lights for party atmosphere and decorations fit for any party.

The open side would allow walk in access to the bar where there would probably be room for a few stools in a row. There would be a supplied generator to run all this during your party as part of the rental.

It would work for any fun neighborhood party, summer back-yard party, weddings and other functions where indoor bar space is limited, perhaps outdoor frat parties, and church functions…

Well maybe not that last one

I know that the equipment is available to lift and transport these Bars In Boxes thanks to the advent of the portable storage companies, so that part is simply a question of getting some trucks. Now the capital requirement to build the actual Bar Boxes would be something for more research.

The final question in this back of an envelope business plan would be alcohol.

My thought on this, due to legal concerns and licensing issues, would be to let the party goers that rented the box supply the booze. Bar In A Box would just supply the very über cool and unusual bar itself. If left to my initial thoughts, the container would come fully stocked, but then the first schmuck that serves a 16 year old that kills him or herself behind the wheel and I become the guy they sue for everything.

Even with a disclaimer signed by the customer that stated explicitly that the renter is responsible for anything and everything that could potentially happen during the use of the Bar In A Box including but not limited to catastrophic meteor impacts, I would still be ruined by the litigious morons that populate society in the US today, so I guess the decision is made.

The customers provide their own booze.

If anyone actually reads this silly drivel, please don’t steal my idea, secondly give me some feedback on it. Does it sound viable? Would you change anything?

Based on your feedback, I may decide to research it further, because it could be a fun enterprise.

And I know you are all dying for more Tour Down Under coverage. I will catch back up on that tomorrow. I needed to post something different that actually required creativity vs. just mentioning something about cycling racing.

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