Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tour Down Under - Stage 2

I don’t really have too much to say about Stage 2 aside from it must simply be wonderful to be riding in warm weather. I am completely sick of riding my trainer in the basement and winter just started.

It’s easy to watch a show to try to distract myself, but the riding experience itself is so boring that I find myself not working hard enough on the bike and subsequently not getting much out of the workout.

I do wish that every time I had a mechanical “issue” with my bike that a neutral service vehicle would appear and set me on my way again. That would be a plus…

It looks like Lance Armstrong has a way to go before he is truly strong again. I thought an interview with Johan Bruyneel was funny. Lance, apparently is too heavy and needs to lose some muscle. At 4% body fat, or some other absurdly low number, there isn’t much fat weight to lose, but they expect him to drop 3-4 Kilos (6-9lbs) or he will have trouble.

You just don’t hear that much from your doctor or the trainer at the gym. “You have too much muscle. Drop those weights you beefcake!”

Stage 2 - Highlight

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