Saturday, April 11, 2009

Waiting for Summer

Like you may have figured out, I have some time on my hands to reflect and look around as my collar bone heals. This weekend, we drove over to Atlanta, more precisely to Lake Lanier north of Atlanta, to celebrate the Easter holiday with the family. I took a couple of minutes to walk down to the dock and to look at the lake levels, which while low, look infinitely better than they did when we closed up the boats for the winter. I liked the photo of the ladder still up in its winter storage position, but it seemed poised to do it's job for another season of endlessly getting kids in and out of the water again.

The wind was cold, and even though it's spring, it's certainly no time to be out on the water for any length of time yet. I thought about the timing of getting back to skiing and getting the strength back into my arm, and it looks like it's going to fall in the June time frame before I can start that process. I thought about all the warm weather, the sounds of the kids swimming around the dock, and spending time skiing and floating with the family that I have to look forward to. All that will pretty much coincide with the time I am cleared to get back in action from this injury, which made me smile. It means I'm not going to miss out on some of the really good stuff this summer, as has happened in the past with some of my other breaks... Yeah, I break bones much more frequently than I like to think about...

I can't wait for summer.

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Anonymous said...

like the picture, b, look forward to summer too, ek