Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Just Had To Look...

After a few days my broken bone and bruised shoulder do seem to be feeling somewhat better. I am still loopy from the anesthesia but much less so than even yesterday. I have probably done more damage to my health and to my life expectancy by going under general anesthesia and then using the morphine pump to deal with the pain than actually breaking myself.

Well, the doctor told me that I would be able to take a shower and get the incision wet by Sunday, and since I didn’t want a green cloud of death-inducing-funk billowing around me in meetings Monday, I prudently procrastinated until Monday morning for that shower. (I did take a bath over the weekend so I wouldn’t have to remove the bandages, and so I wouldn’t kill off any of the family members. Seriously, I was in no condition to deal with the police investigation had someone died from the stink.)

I found that the tape they use to used to put the bandages on doubles for a wax hair removal tool.

Just tear it off! Quickly! AAAAAAahhhhhh!!!! Whimper…

Then I took a good look at the 7 inch long scar that I will sport for the rest of my life, and here was my next reaction…and possibly yours as well.

Yeah, it’s like a train wreck or someone falling from unsurvivable heights. You just have to look.

Gross. Just gross.

Next post – back to the riveting topic of Mayan culture as I promised a few posts back.

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Anonymous said...

Craziness - You feel better and take it easy! ek