Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family bike riding and a new camera

Yep. Wasting time in front of the computer again.

Brenna said that I needed a "toy" for Christmas, and now that I have wasted literally a few days trying to edit HD video off the GoPro camera for a simple 5 minute video. I finally got the video done. Not to say that it's good, or finished, or going to win me any awards at Cannes.  I just got tired, and said, "There...that's good enough."

First I tried the pre-packaged Windows Live Movie Maker. It would render a video for 5-6 hour and fail. (I would kick it off and go to bed) It failed miserably. It was a free program and you get exactly what you pay for. I also tried the Adobe Premier Pro CS3, which I already owned when I got Photoshop, and it was so complicated that I couldn't make it do anything at all. I would need to take classes and get a Liberal Arts Degree to make that work. Then (insert angelic choirs here) there was the free test version of Sony Vegas HD 9.0. Thank you Sony for making a product I could understand and use. It was robust enough to let me render a cool little intro with lens flare and other effects (It will do so much more, but I didn't want to take the time.) It's a good balance between the junk insta-movie makers and the professional stuff that real producers use. Now that the software review is over...I know I lost most of you already or you are now asleep drooling on your keyboard, here is my first (see I'm making excuses for the pitiful editing and filming already) attempt at High Definition video making.

The subjects combine just about all of my favorite things on the planet. My ever so patient wife, my kids, and bicycles on a sunny day. Dude, there aren't too many things better than that combination that are legal in the States.

Have a great weekend. I'm going to ride the new trails at Oak Mountain before the snow starts falling. Yep, there is a panic in the south. It's supposed to snow 6-8 inches tomorrow, so there might be accumulation of 1-2". I know this because: 1. It's the south. 2. Weather forecasters are always either flat wrong or embellishing. 3. There are no eggs, bread, or milk to be found in any of the local supermarkets. I love winter weather in the south. (deep resounding sarcasm there) It's just chock full of lame...

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