Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime and Luck

I guess you make your own luck with pictures sometimes, or have luck pointed out to you.  Hey, whatever works...

I had spent the night out in the tent the night after spending most of the previous night listening to little girls giggle incessantly at each other at my daughter's 7th birthday party sleepover. Ugh...

Honestly, who would sacrifice yet another night's sleep by hanging out in a tent with the kids in 40 degree temperatures?  Well...I won't say, but I know him fairly well.

The sleep deprived Sunday went pretty well though.  Mass was beautiful on Palm Sunday, and then we went home to work in the yard.  After a while of hacking brush and not accomplishing much, Brenna called me over to point out a rose.  The only rose -- On the only rose bush we have ever had.  She planted it for me years ago when we had started our first spring together in Alabama.

For the record, neither of us have squat for knowledge of how to grow roses or really anything of the plant-ish persuasion.  Through experience I can say that by some fluke gift we have found that we more than effectively grow, and subsequently catch, poison ivy in our very own back yard!  Yay!  Uh...*scratching*...whatever...

Anyway, the rose was magnificent.  It's sometimes amazing what you find buried in the overgrown mess of a back yard come spring.

Spring Rose in the Back Yard

I wasn't the only tired puppy after this weekend of riding bikes, camping, birthday partying, and goofing off in the yard.  Aiden likes hammocks as much as I do apparently.

Yay Hammocks and Naptime!!!

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