Monday, August 27, 2012

1st Day of School

The kids were up...slowly...  It was really early, so I understand.  The bus was supposed to arrive at a much more tolerable 6:45am vs the 6:20am at Rocky Ridge.  

The big difference this year is that aside from the kids being a year older and much larger is that Aiden had his first day at kindergarten!  He got to ride the bus for the first time!  The years of him watching from the door as the other two headed out to the bus were over.

The kids decided to trace the cat footprints in the front yard instead of going down the sidewalk.  Who wouldn't want soggy shoes and socks in 1st period?

The bus came and before we knew it, they were off and running in a new school year.


Bus pictures through the years *sniff*  They are growing too quickly for my tastes, but it's beautiful to see...

I missed 2011's picture because we took them to school that year.  The bus came at 6:20am.  I would leave with them at 7:15 and get them to school just as the bus arrived.


Ansley's first day...


I hope the year goes well!

Happy Monday everyone.

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