Friday, August 10, 2012


I know it's one of those se7en deadly sins, but I do have pride.

Ok, I realize that I just put a somewhat old and disturbing movie reference in a post about good family adventures...I'm apparently on this earth to pass on random thoughts and pseudo-knowledge that roil around in my skull...  Now you know what I have to deal with ALL DAY LONG.

ahem... back to Pride...

Pride in one of the things that I know I really should take pride in.  My kids.  Specifically, one of them in this case.

It has been a long time coming, but Bryce has finally picked up water skiing!

It all happened a few weeks ago.  queue up the sappy flashback movie music...

We (being Nathan, Rick and I) had been taking the little kids out on the surfboard behind the boat for the past two summers.  

Here is an example of 2011 with Bryce on the surfboard.  He was big then...

And Aiden on the board from this year.  He tends to spend a lot of time splashing...Perfect.

The small kids are no big deal, and they love it.  Plus, riding like that gives them a good feel for how a ski moves, and what it's like to ride one with the security of an adult with them.  We got Bryce up on it with us last year on various lake weekends, but when he asked this year.  A resounding "NO!" was the answer.  Not that we didn't want to, but he is now 5 feet tall and far to large to even bother trying it.

It was unanimous that it was time for him to ride on his own if he wanted to ride at all.

Without further discussion, he hopped in the water and listened to our semi-useful coaching and gave it a whirl.  He may be too big to ride with any of us, but his weight gave him a big advantage and he popped right up!  Wooot!!!!  

I am so happy to have another generation of skiers on the boat!  I know that Ansley and Aiden won't be far behind now that Bryce has pioneered the sport for them.  On the 4th of July weekend Bryce tried out Wake Boarding for the first time too and after a few tries was making some long runs.  As soon as he was up and stable on the board, he was already cutting back and forth inside the wake to learn the control of the board.  I'm still smiling at the memory.

He looks like he's having fun!

I'll now treat you to a few awesome shots of Nathan, Rick, and myself from the 4th of July weekend.


Because they are awesome, and it's my blog!  That's why!

My boy Nathan carving up the wake on his new board.

Rick doing what he does.  Wowing the crowd and making wake boards look easy to ride...

 Back on a ski again after the broken leg.  The slalom ski feels pretty good, and its been a while for sure.

And finally, a Timewaster Studio production!  I tell you, there is just so much great content on this blog... Why it isn't the most read blog on this interweb thingy, I have no idea...

The really important part is that this is Bryce in his first Timewaster Studio feature!  I'm sure it won't be the last!!

Summer WakeSurfing from Brad on Vimeo.
Wake Surfing and Wake Boarding on Lake Lanier, GA.

Have a great weekend!

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