Monday, May 5, 2008

An open letter to Subway Restaurant

Yes, I accept the fact that everyone in the US knows Jared Fogle and the fact that he lost the weight of a couple teenagers by eating Subway sandwiches, so there is some definite validity to the ad campaign. BUT... isn't it time for a change?

Subway's ads started out saying: "Hey fat America, here's a guy who lost a ton and a half by eating a Subway 6 inch for lunch and a foot long for dinner a day...and exercising...shhhhhh." The campaign has gone on so long, it's now saying..."Hey fat America! Jared is still skinny! Even though he eats other things than Subway now!" Not quite as compelling is it?

Now here's an idea. "Pro athletes eat our food, and it's good!" Wouldn't you want to eat some of the same things that people, who not only care about their bodies, but actually make money by being amazingly good at their sport? I think they might actually sell a few more, and it could bring a new youthful group into the Subway fold.

What brought this on was going to the Tour of GA and hanging out with the Jittery Joe's team. Knowing about how exacting these guys are about caloric intake and the very types of food they want to eat in order to recover and perform well, these guys eat Subway every day. They mowed through the stuff like a pack of lions over an unfortunate zebra. (Of course racing 100 miles a day for a week could actually get almost anyone hungry enough to chase down and eat an unfortunate zebra, but that's not the point...) I thought immediately that real people should know that. People who are exercising to lose weight and the other .05% of the American population who are already fairly lean and trying to eat well. .05% might be an exaggeration somewhat, but hey that's still 15 million more potential customers that might come in once a week for a decent lunch.

I doubt that I will send this idea over to Subway, since my blegging to the Ionic/Dean bike company didn't even produce a tee-shirt. Although, I could use a lifetime supply of veggie delights, or Turkey sandwiches, or maybe even just one lunch combo sometime! Could you imagine the horror if I won a lifetime supply of sandwiches. The kids would really be twisted after me feeding a family of five Subway dinner forever!

We would at least be skinny even if we didn't magically turn into pro athletes...

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The Bernings said...

I think they're onto your idea. I've seen ads lately with Tony Stewart (Nascar) Ryan Howard(Baseball) and some football guy, all touting how Subway helps them earn millions of dollars, or stay skinny, or have energy, or some crap like that. Interesting note - none of these guys display what you would consider an "elite athlete" physique. Weird. I think they should pull Happy Gilmore out of retirement - watching him tee off on a cold cut combo was the best advertising they ever had....