Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ionic Mountain Bike Advertising

I went on a ride, which has been rare recently with the pollen/sickness, work, and family events. All right guys, don't roll your eyes to hard, they might stick that way... It was rare relative to my normal amount of riding.

I was up at Oak Mountain, and I took a fun detour off the trail and rode into a creek for some cool pictures. I don't know if they are actually cool, and my only partner in crime on this ride was my Ionic bike, so it became the subject. Unlike my kids it doesn't wiggle and run off when you try to take it's picture. There were several waterfalls around, and I found my cool pictures idea may only have merit as there might be some money in it from Ionic's advertising department? I wonder if I should send the shots saying all sorts of glowing things about the bike to them. Would they send me some swag? I believe this practice is called "blegging" blogging and begging combined...heh heh

Nathan and Kimberly came up as well and we made the loop around the trails on Sunday before heading off to the AMA Superbike races. I would say that the bikes were so fast at these races that I got no pictures at all, but the truth is that we all forgot our cameras in the rush to get to the track. Bummer.


Rick said...

Send those to DEAN - they're at least worth a free shirt!

Rod/Dad/Papa said...

Hey, a riderless bike stuck in water looks normal to me--except for some of us it just means we're alking the bike past any small obstacle.

Regarding the advertising shots, nothing ventured, nothing gained is the appropriate saying. I'd suggest doing this again taking monster close-ups of the bike in the water . . . perhaps "upward shots" with water falling in the background. Since I've sold zero pics to advertisers, I'm sure you'll rush out to take advantage of my advice.