Thursday, June 12, 2008

Atlanta Riding at Dawn

I must say that I dread riding in Atlanta. It's not that the town isn't great, if you can call a place with 7mm people and 21mm cars a "town". I love Atlanta. It's the fact that I like to ride a bike...a lot. My wife uses the term excessively rather than the "a lot" phrase, but hey... At least it's safer than skydiving...right?

I was helping my brother in law (outlaws as we fondly refer to each other) move recently, and I needed to ride a few miles on the highways to keep up with my hack cycle training program. I hopped up at 5:30am...which was 4:30am to my central standard tuned internal clock. To more accurately describe my state of alertness and mood at the time, I should have used the phrase "slowly, begrudgingly, grumbling, and half asleep fell out of bed" instead of "hopped". Ah semantics..

I downed a cup of coffee and went out for a 2 hour ride. The traffic at that time of the morning was tolerable, and I felt comfortable that I wasn't going to be killed by motorists who were on cell phones, putting on makeup, reading a Tolstoy novel, yelling over their shoulders at the kids, and "driving" with a knee, simultaneously.

The weather was warm and it was still the twilight of the early morning, and as I rode across the Chattahoochee river, I had to stop and take a moment to look at the peaceful scene that we usually overlook due to all the hubbub around us.

Be sure that you take note of the scenes around you during the busy schedules we all keep. Like your mother always said, "Do it...It's good for you."

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Brenna said...

The pictures are beautiful!