Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Best Wife Ever!!!

Yeah, I know the title of this post may be somewhat debatable by some, but it’s my blog, and for once in my life, what I say goes. Pfft!

As anniversary presents go, I thought I got my lovely spouse a good one, but Brenna surprised me with something I wouldn’t have ever bought myself. I guess that’s the definition of a good gift, right? I had always wanted to do something like this, but price, time, and the number of children we have made it just an epic adventure of a dream for “someday” in the very distant future. I must have said something to get the ball rolling (perhaps I mentioned it... a lot…I dunno…)

I opened up the gift bag to find brochures for a mountain biking trip to Moab Utah! One of the most beautiful and unusual places on the planet geographically is also one of the best places to ride bikes. What a great combination!! I get to ride until I can’t stand up and couple that with stunning vistas, sandstone arches, and other scenery that would be a once in a lifetime experience for a boy from the deep south.

This will seriously be the most amazing trip for epic mountain bike riding that I could come up with. I can imagine the vast distances, the wild terrain, and drinking about 300oz of water a day…it’s a desert for crying out loud. Camping under the stars sounds like a great idea too, but I would also imagine that sleeping in a real bed at a nice inn might greatly enhance the quality of my riding after the first day’s adventures.

Heh heh… We will see, nothing is set in sandstone yet…

There are so many trails to ride to and explore. I imagine I might have to get a few more batteries and a couple more memory cards for the trusty Olympus camera.

Another great feature of this gift is that Rick, my partner in many adventures over the past number of years, has already signed on to come out too! The more the merrier! If any of my loyal readers want to join up and abuse themselves on two knobby tires for a 4-5 days, feel free. I think riding 25-30 miles a day in the parks around Moab will be the equivalent of 60 miles a day around our homes. I have heard this from folks I trust, so being in decent form fitness wise is essential.

Check out this link for some of the places we may end up riding around. It’s a pretty vast place, so I will imagine that we won’t get to a tenth (if that) of the amazing things that are there, but I am going to try to take in everything I can!

Thanks Brenna!

Hmmm...I can feel the collective jealousy of my fellow cyclist readers. Well, I as I said before, I think the more the merrier, so start saving and come along!

This trip will probably fall into March or April of 2009 since I can't travel during the latter half of the year due to that whole "Work Thing" that I have to do... Drop me a comment if you are interested, and I will get you in on the email loop for details.

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Rick said...

Two rules to live by in Moab (or anywhere else we ride really):

1) No broken bones

2) No broken bicycle forks

This is gonna be a blast.