Friday, June 20, 2008

Hmmm...Who to Vote For?

(Thanks to Chan Lowe)
Presidents can do little to impact economic cycles aside from ride on the coat-tails of good times (Clinton with his "balanced budget") or slide into the economic abyss with bad times (Both Bushes). I'm not commenting on the other things that the second Bush has done for and to the country, this is purely commentary on how little the presidents actually impact the economy.
I thought this cartoon pretty much summed it up on several levels. I fear for the next 4 years under either of these two... Taxes, programs that help a paltry few, growing government that will collect more and more of this country's resources and channel them into the most inefficient wealth redistribution engine created, and spending. Loads and loads of spending.
Ask yourself, would you run your household finances the way the government runs the country's?

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