Friday, August 29, 2008

Bowling with Kids

This past weekend we took the kids out bowling. I got a text from Brenna as I was finishing my soaking wet mountain bike loop out to Oak Mountain. "Hey, we are going bowling" is how it read. was something of a quick turnaround when I got to the house. The perpetual activity in my house boggles the mind sometimes...

Yeah, Aiden picked the 16lb ball right away. No wussy lightweight kid bowling balls for the Buddha, but he did seem to have an issue picking it up.

As an aside, Buddha isn't really a good nickname for him anymore. He is huge, but no longer the really round shaped kid. He looks more like a little boy now than he does a chubby baby.

Ansley bowled a couple of frames with Mom's or my help. She was equally pleased with the jaw breaker (seen below). She looked like a chipmunk with that thing jammed in her cheek for an hour or more.

Bryce bowled pretty well...legitimately. He even had two strikes. Not to shabby for a 50lb kid.

The kids were good and we all had a good time. My only wish out of the whole experience is a recurring one. Why can't I throw the ball where I am aiming? Sheesh...

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