Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deck Debacle Days 9 - 3 million

Will it ever get done? Will my yard ever look like something more put together than an eternal construction project? Would some of the scrap piles laying in the grass fossilize into stone to be found by the next inhabitants of this planet before I could finish this thing? These, my friends, are questions that have plagued the Mabry family for some time now. We didn't really lose motivation, we just lost a month worth of time it seems.

I now have a very simple answer to those questions.

YES! Except for the fossilizing thing...that would be no...



Yes, the deck was finished in conditions that were alternately sunny and humid or spitting rain this past Sunday. Powertools in the Hurricane Fay, which dumped several inches of rain on us overnight gave way to billowing clouds with patches of blue. There was enough sunshine to get us outside to the deck debacle and finish it off.

I had to build a nifty set of steps and we needed to get the railings finished, and then CLEAN UP! I'm not sure what I dreaded more...

Here are my cool stairs.

Now you may ask, how might one go and test out a new set of steps? Walk down them? Pfff... This is how it's done...period. My test may not be graceful, but it was way more fun than walking on them.

Now, all that is left is to get my Christmas Lights up and going and string wires for Cable and power out to one corner for the Football weekends!

I want to thank my Dad for taking a week off to come out and mess around with this project. Without him doing that, this whole thing never would have happend. Thanks Dad.

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Bo said...

OMG, is that the Brad Mabry on bicycle? I didn't think such things still happened!

Very nice work on the deck!

In response to your post, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, I can only reply Shame, Shame, Shame!