Friday, August 22, 2008

Wrong Wrong Wrong

Needless to say, there has been an absolute frenzy of activity over the past month, and regrettably, I haven’t posted anything in a tad longer than that.

I now am forced to make a decision between blowing off a load of good posts based on events/pictures that took place a month ago and starting from the present, or just throwing the convention of posting chronologically out the window and writing the stories when I see fit. Coin flips…(ting)…Coin lands (clank clank CRASH! - cat yowls, dogs bark, kids scream) Ok, I’m just gonna post all out of order whenever I see fit until I run out of ideas…or motivation. That may not take long…

Now, sadly, this first post back isn't out of order at all. It's quite current in fact. Actually, I just noticed this atrocity as I was hoofing boxes of diapers up the stairs from the basement. When I walked by my bike, I could have sworn I heard a sound. Something a neglected unfed puppy would make...only sadder. I looked over and saw this sad sight.

Yes. It has been so long since I have been on my bike that cobwebs have appeared among the wheels and components.

I ask myself. How could this be? How could a guy that actually likes riding bikes...a the tune of several thousand miles a year...have taken so much time off? I didn't have an answer for myself. I just know that I have some serious doubts about being fit enough to even ride my favorite race of all. Six Gap, which is 100 miles of mountainous roads covering 11,000 feet of cumulative climbing at the end of September. Thats about 37 days away...

I need to take some hard looks at how I have been allocating my time over the past months.

I am back to posting though, so expect more stuff. Hopefully with no more closeup pictures of cobwebs.

Oops, Bryce just missed the bus. I have to go and take him to school. That's not all bad though!

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The Richardson Family said...

Not sure if there are cobwebs on my ride...but I am in the same boat. I did have my sights set on Six Gap, but am sort of wondering now...could I do it? I rarely meet a riding challenge that seems impossible (maybe that's because I am very selective in the challenges I choose?). I have done some that pushed me to the edge...the last one that comes to mind is that ride we did last summer from Spain Pk that was about 70 miles of nothing but hills at about 20 mph...but I always feel like I did okay and finished what I set out to do. But, 100 miles and 11k of climbing is something I haven't done in a long time (ever maybe?!) and if I am going to keep that goal, I better get off of this computer and get on that skinny tired contraption that is going to cause me such pain but bring much joy. I hope the spiders know their way back home!