Saturday, September 27, 2008

6 Gap 2008

The fact that I haven't trained, or even really ridden much over the past few months makes this year's ride a little different than others. I am pretty much going to go out and have some fun taking pictures and suffering on a bike for several hours. Honestly, it's going to be great...for the first 70 miles, but after that we will have to see...

During the week, I had heard of a few cases of gas stations being out of gas around the Atlanta area. I didn't realize that there was NO gas in town, and when word would get out that there was a delivery in the area, the vultures would swoop in and clean out the station in the space of an hour.

This was the line at one of the stations when I headed up to Dahlonega to check in at the expo.

And as an added bonus, this is what I saw when I got in the truck this morning...

Of course, I was informed that the gas gauge only worked intermittently, so we figured I had 250 miles to go until I was out...maybe. Good thing I have a bike with me, eh?

Look carefully at the check in picture... I thought it was funny. (Hint: click on it to see the blown up version)

Here is the expo where I wandered through and saw some fabulous bikes...I am afraid that I may have even drooled on an Ibis Silk, but hopefully the dealer didn't notice. I took this picture after making a loop through the tents full of goodies and felt my wallet would be in better shape if I just left...quickly. I beat a path to the truck and headed back to the house to lay around and watch football.

We used to go spin for 30 miles the day before 6 gap, but this year, my plan is to just sit and conserve energy...I will let you know how that plan works tomorrow. Not that I will be able to communicate the result of this plan through the haze of pain that the ride will produce in my sadly unused muscles.

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