Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Birthday

Holy smokes... I turned 36. That's exactly 6 years longer than I had foreseen my life lasting when I was back in my teens.

I had a great time with some of my best friends out at a local eating establishment that happened to have the Alabama game on. Just to be clear. I didn't really care about the Bama game being an ACC not ADD you dorks. Its just that college football is tough to watch because its hard to find a game that matters.

Take FSU for example. They are playing the powerhouse of Chattanooga this weekend, and Clemson my undergrad alma mater is playing The Citadel. Games like that are fine, but lack the drama somehow. It's like watching a continuous loop of last year's almost unbeaten New England Patriots playing the 1976 Tampa Buccaneers over and over. (The Buc's achieved a stellar 0-14 season that year for those of you that don't pay attention to that stuff.) These weak college games are fine, but the result is somewhat predictable.

Ah, I digress...

When it comes to the birthday, I am pretty happy to have achieved this advanced age without weighing 200lbs or being forced to eat Ramen Noodles anymore... Hmmm...those two things may be related somehow.

I plan on making this year better than the last and I am already off to a good start. Thanks everyone!

Aiden Likes cake. There were other pictures that showed his true enthusiasm, but I felt they were waaaay to messy to actually publish. Just imagine this image with 1000 times more icing on his face, arms, chest, and hair...

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