Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Myrtle Beach Water Park

Yep, life is good, but apparently not filled with quite as much "fun" stuff to write about, so I will dig back through the photo archives to give you these fantastic shots. Ok, fantastic may be debatable by some, but did I ask?

We took the older two kids to a water park on a very hot day during our Myrtle Beach trip this summer. I must say I looked like a geek with the camera, but hey, when don't I have that "look" about me. I embrace my geeky-ness and it works for me. Underwater cameras are cool. Period.

Here is Ansley on the lazy river. This was still a thrilling ride with the throngs of kids in tubes making it more like a bumper car ride...

This was just great fun. Bryce was a riot and did a great job of being a 6 year old waiting patiently in the queues for the slides. riiiiiight...

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