Friday, March 27, 2009

Lander's Alter Ego

5 Busy Mabry's Mexican News Service:

Lander, Lander man, Lander the Great, BIG DAAAWWWG!! There are so many superlative names that have been bestowed upon him, but until we went with him to Mexico, he never really let his guard down.

Normally, he displays a demure and generally happy personality. You would think he is a normal 3 year old with normal three year old tendencies, but I have witnessed his true personality. See how sweet and happy he is?

Little did we know that in the dark of night he transforms into his alter ego. He must sneak out of his room and has his driver, yes I said driver, take him to his real gig. Right now his Mom is thinking. “Gig? What Gig? His gig, so to speak, is being an expert mess-maker and playing like he is a 3 year old?!? Just what are you saying Brad!!!”

Well well non believers…I’m here to break the story. I have, with my knack for fantastic and somewhat ridiculous journalism, tracked him down when we were in Mexico, which now is packed to the gills with Spring Breakers.

I snapped this exclusive photo at a late night club in Cancun before the 7 ½ foot tall security guy that works for Lander’s band chucked me back over the barriers and broke my camera. Perhaps I should have paid to get in instead of sneaking in the back door...

Hopefully Star magazine or some other paparazzi driven publication will pick it up for millions of dollars...or at least a few pesos.

Lander is really a ROCK STAR with record deals, hot chicks fainting at the sight of him, and everything! I can’t wait until he makes me a “friend” on his MySpace page!


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