Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time Machine

I decided to put on my iPod’s 80’s playlist for the commute to work today. Now realize that I am not the committed cycle commuter. I don’t frown upon people driving SUV’s and wear hemp clothing and such.

Unless that SUV happens to be a gold half hummer/ half pickup that is owned by that clown that nearly put a mirror on my shoulder in a desperate attempt to get to a red light faster than me.


I had a serious case of déjà vu when I got going out on the road this morning. I heard songs that I really hadn’t listened to in 20 years. Back when riding a bike to school or to a friend’s house was the best method of getting around. And WOOSH! (that’s onomatopoeia for a time machine sound if you didn't know) It felt like I was in the exact same world as when I was riding back when those songs were actually on the radio. It was really kind of cool. I was 11-13’ish again riding to school.

Yeah, I know…how is that any different than any other day with me?

Only now I was cycling to work…with a laptop and gym clothes jammed in a backpack instead of 40lbs of books and the worries of how I was ever going to ask that cute red headed girl to go for a chaperoned pizza “date” on Friday.

I smiled the whole way.

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