Thursday, February 3, 2011

The shakes...

I got out a couple of weeks ago to ride with a few friends, very fast friends, at Oak Mountain State Park. 

I love these trails and the fact that there are 20+ miles of trails where you don't repeat a single foot of trail that close to the house is something that I can't put a price on.  Or perhaps I have put a price on it.  $3 bucks on weekends to ride, the semi regular bike repair, bruised shoulders, bloody knees, or head, or trip to the ER for CAT scans. 

Well, maybe I just don't want to think about the actual price of these "healthy" endeavors.

I was trying out the helmet mount for the GoPro and wanted to see what angles would work.  The video is a bit low and I find myself raising up my head while watching it like I could somehow see further down the trail.  I used the r2 setting for 720p x 1280 HD video instead of the "taller" image of 960p.  I think I'll just stick with the 960 from now on since it captures more of the surroundings even though the YouTube video only goes with the 720 format and "reverse letter boxes" the video with black bars on the sides.  It still makes for better video.  You can see what I mean here in another of my GoPro attempts.

The ride itself was pretty good.  The trails had been freezing at night, and that left the low areas muddy well into the day as the ice melted.  The main, and more established parts of the Red trail were in much better shape.  This video has us on the Lake trail and part of the Red trail up to the fire road.  I wouldn't bother videoing the fire road climb since I really feel that you watching me get dropped by these guys in no time flat and then hearing me sound like a very sickly Darth Vader all the way up the mountain would be less than entertaining.  In fact the sickly Darth Vader part may even be somewhat disturbing.  Disturbing in either the, "I wonder if he is going to be OK?  I thought this guy was in shape!" kind of way, or the "This video should be flagged for unseemly content." kind of way. 

You are safe.  I won't film that climb.  I promise.

Ah, yes, the title of this post.  I guess I should probably try to feebly tie in something in this meandering prose to the title I managed to conjure up.  The shakes.  Not the kind Nicholas Cage has throughout Leaving Las Vegas, but a few others come to mind when watching this video.

First, the helmet mount combined with riding a hard tail mountain bike off road.  There is just no way I can figure out to have a smoother video.  If anyone has suggestions to mount the camera better, please let me know.  And no...mounting it on my hammock instead of riding isn't really an option.  Secondly, shaky mountain bike skills.  There is just no way to hide it.  I love to ride, but I am barely staying upright most of the time it seems.  Finally, shaky mountain bike maintenance.  I won't spoil the joke, but you'll see in the video.  It has to do with hairspray.  (Now there's a teaser if ever there was one.)  By the way, it does work, just not that time...with that type of hairspray.  I'll just use spray glue next time though.

There.  I've tied in the title, rambled on about biking, used two movie references, and thrown in a hairspray related teaser to this post.  check check check and check...

Ok, on with the video. 

Below is the HD link since the film was too big for the frame on the blog format.

It's not bad in the smaller frame.  Just giving you options!

Have a great week and get outside...if it ever stops snowing and sleeting.

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