Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Orleans - Friday Morning & Friday Night

During Friday's wanderings, I ended up at Jackson Square just behind the Saint Louis Cathedral on Orleans street. Some of the pictures came out so well that I decided to post about the area. These shots were taken about 8 a.m, and it was great to be outside in shorts at that hour... Nevermind that it was a Friday, and I wasn't at work. (i.e. I could have been out in a parka fighting off 50mph winds with furry animals falling from dark stormclouds, and I would have been good with it.)

Jackson Square at night.

Our late night last stop for Bignets and Chicory coffee; Cafe Du Monde. Yes, it's touristy. No, the service isn't all that great. Yes, the food is good and the tables are rarely cleaned, and I love it anyway.

The St. Louis Cathedral at night. In general the Church can be imposing sometimes, but when you get this image at 3 am after drinking for a while, my first fleeting thought was Christ with arms upraised asking "Why?" My next thought was I need to get to Mass! I guess the Priest there kind of planned that image!

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The Richardson Family said...

I must say, that image in the last picture is imposing! And the thoughts...well, I am sure you aren't the only one who has had a few second thoughts after seeing that! Sounds like a great time!

The only real time I have spent there was at night as sort of a stop over on our way to Venice for a fishing trip. We stayed Bourbon St. and I have to say, it was a feast for the senses. But after a while, it got a bit overwhelming and maybe even a bit scary. Well, there is no maybe about it. I was scared! I think I witnessed 3 fights in about as many blocks as I wandered my way back to our hotel. It's a cool place and has a great deal of history and sites to see. It's just unfortunate that most folks miss them and opt for the neon lights, crazy window displays and fruity, deceptive treats offered up in oversized, overpriced souvenir cups by some talkative bartender who sleeps till 3 in the afternoon so he can come serve a bunch of visitors whatever specialty drink his bar is known for and listen to their questions about what it's like to live in such a place and work in a bar. I got the feeling that there really isn't a "regular crowd" there. It's probably that later that makes them not want to get up as you did and actually enjoy the serenity and beauty that New Orleans really has to offer. Different strokes for different folks I guess. All that to say, it's a place with something for EVERYONE!