Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Orleans - Last post

Ok, ok, I know! I took too many pictures of this city. I promise, I will get back to writing about the family, and cycling.

On the final morning that I had time to meander around, I walked out to the river again. A dense mist rolled in from the river, and for the second morning, the city gave off a new image other than the bright morning sun and the late night party scene. It was a very fluid cloud that visibly tumbled and twisted as I watched as it drifted across the river. Slowly, it engulfed the scene around me. At first the taller buildings were half visible above the layer of fog and slowly they became completely shrouded, and that was when I took a couple of these photos.

I just thought that this shot was cool with the lone tree with leaves on it sitting in the mist, and the mist did a neat job of taking the colors and detail out of the background structures.

The Natchez, an historic steamboat was docked at the riverfront, and from time to time a woman would come out on deck and play a shrill, and slightly out of tune, series of songs you would imagine were the background tracks of some Mark Twain story. No it wasn't quite that foggy, the image is in black and white. Below is a shot in color of the ship. This was when the cloud was at its thickest. It was a little strange to be alone in a small visual space and then have a busload of tourists materialize in front of me like some noisy hurricane-slurping-map-rattling-beast... Like I have room to talk.

I am officially out of decent looking New Orleans pictures, so you won't have to endure any more of these posts. I am back to taking pictures of kids, and cycling stuff! Hmmm...I think I just heard a collective...cheer. I don't know, I could be wrong...

As a side note, I was surprised that we didn't see more evidence of the destruction of Katrina in our ventures, but apparently the people who built the French Quarter had some foresight. It's one of the highest elevated areas around The Big Easy, and that means that it survived with minimal damage.

A family post preview for this weekend: What do you get when you combine kids and a digital camera?

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