Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mountain Biking with Dad

This past weekend was filled with fun kid oriented events, and that is how it should be, but there was about 30 minutes there where I got some one on one time out in the world with my Dad. In this day and age of being a day's drive for my parents to make it here or vice versa, we don't have much time to play, and spend most of the time with the kiddos. (who, in reality, all grandparents are really coming to see...)

Dad has been routinely bringing his new mountain bike on his trips to Bama, and we have really only ridden it out on the roads with the older of the kids. That in itself is a blast, but there was something missing...something elemental. Something that all mountain bikes need to feel fulfilled in their lives of being left dusty in a garage as we do other things. That thing that is needed you ask? It's Dirt...Lots of Dirt...creeks to cross, and trees (to avoid preferably..) We hopped on and spun over to the local High School to make use of the cross country trails which incorporate some easy gravel paths and some sections of pine needle covered single track.

See, even a University President grins like an 8 year old when on a bike out in the dirt! It's a beautiful thing.

After crossing creeks and rolling through some pretty steep Alabama hills, I yelled back "Duck!" No not Duck as in quack quack - DUCK! Dad rode very well through some not all that easy terrain.

The final climb...Ouch, who lit campfires on the tops of my legs??

Needless to say, since I don't see Dad all that much, these few minutes of riding with him were priceless.

Thanks Dad.

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