Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Attack of the Toddle Monster

For those of you that haven’t seen the bruiser recently. He has made the transition from world-crawling-land-speed-record-holder to bipedal toddling. Ah, now it seems the whole world is in reach. For instance, he could open the shower door while someone might be warming the water up, and that person might then come back to find a fully clothed, very soggy, splashing, and smiling baby in the spray. Not that anything like that has ever happened around here...I was merely speculating...cough...

He can also reach things that must be two times his height. This ability could be a superpower of some sort…quick call Stan Lee.

What’s funny, is that Brenna and I had forgotten that stage of rapid transition. We were comfortable that things were, “up out of reach” and that he couldn’t really get into too much trouble. In the space of a week or so, we find that is no longer the case. Anything that we should have moved to a higher shelf is coveniently pointed out to us by the fact that the baby has it in his hands or is banging it on the table top while laughing.

But, the newly found skills of upright travel also have their…uh…downfalls? Ouch!!!

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The Bernings said...

Now the fun begins. A house full of three mobile children. I'm afraid to read too many posts are they are likely indicative of what my future years entail!! I finally updated today, little Cole arrives tomorrow whether he wants to or not. Glad things are going well.