Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deck Debacle Days 4-9

My Dad came into town to work with me on the deck for a few days before we head over to Myrtle Beach for an overdose of golf, sun, and kids running on wide beaches.

You can see where we were in the last post if you give a rip on seeing the progress in some semblance of a timeline.

Brenna and I put in the floor joists, support beam and support posts. This thing has so much wood, metal and concrete under it, it would survive a party with everyone I ever knew, plus some that I haven't met standing around on it. That very thing may happen too...

Once I had all the concrete poured and had been told by the neighbors, and the dude at Lowes, that what I was doing was overkill, it was time to start with the floorboards.

Dad and Brenna were instrumental in helping out with the railings and staircases. I found I have a knack for tearing down the old stuff, but when it comes to putting up railings? Not so much... Then there is that whole "work thing" that I have to do during the week.

It's coming together...

At least it is close enough that we will be safe enough for the kids to come out, now what to do with the 4 foot high pile of broken and old lumber? BONFIRE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! At least one of those long nights working on this fabulous structure you must have had someone help with watching the kids. I don't know, maybe a close friend that lives a couple of miles down the road and has actually zip-lined with you on a lil' island called St. Lucia? :-)