Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deck Debacle: Day 2

Smashing stuff is cool. Period.

For the second day in a row, I spent the early morning bathing in the Bama sunshine, which included another fantastically humid start to the day. I finished up digging the post holes and getting some pictures of how the deck was built in order to find the most secure areas to mount my extended floor joists.

Then the fun began. Of course, the "then" I am referring to, took place hours later. I had a break from digging and wrecking things in order to make our traditional Sunday morning pancake extravaganza. Mmmmm...pancakes. I'm sure that the kids anticipate these fantastic culinary treats more than I do. Then there was the eternal cleaning of the house, laundry, separating fussing children, and eventually taking them up to the Vulcan in order to get them out of the house. Nothing like a lazy Sunday around our place...

Here is a photo from today's trip to the Vulcan . The landmark is quite impressive, and the link will take you to the history and other information about it. The kids like it because they can run around and tumble down the hill in the grass.

Once I got Aiden back down for a nap, I had some time to focus on the deck again, and I got around to the demolition of the railing.

Yeah yeah, I know that loads of banging noises outside with a baby sleeping inside don't go together... It seems that it works at my place. Perhaps, with all the insane activity levels that we have all learned to sleep through anything.

Anyway, I had to take the railing down before I could begin to connect the floor joists, so with a lot of hammering, prying, gallons of sweat, a smashed pinky finger, and two broken hammers, it was down.


Ah the satisfaction of knocking stuff over is sooooo sweet.

Next up, power-tools, posts, and concrete!

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