Friday, March 7, 2008

Ansley Sings & Dances at a School Function

These shots are from Ansley’s school function last night. With all the kids in that gym, the noise levels were just shy of standing in the wash behind a jet engine. Amazingly, the yelling kids, and the parents yelling at the yelling kids, quieted down for the performance. I am posting this from an email as a test, so it may not look right.

In the first shot, she is singing a cute song, but I am not sure if any of them really knew the lyrics, or if they were just pulling a Britney Spears. NO NO…I didn’t mean that they were acting crazy, crashing expensive cars, doing a bunch of drugs, and getting thrown in rehab again and again, and having Kevin Federline (aka K-Fed) being deemed a better parent, I meant lip synching!

In the second shot, Ansley proves that she can dance like a white guy, and the last shot shows her joyful/goofy reaction to the show being over.

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