Thursday, March 13, 2008

Paris-Nice Cycling Race

Don’t forget…like many of you knew or cared about it to begin with…that today’s stage is the Mont Ventoux climb in France.  If you are interested in watching highlights from it, or the whole stage, it is available on


Just sign in as brokemba with the password of bryce1.  Then go to the video on demand section and select today’s stage 4 “highlights” or “as live”.   


Enjoy watching 6’0” 140lb guys climb and ride faster than anything we could dream of.  I know, I know… You don’t have to gush about how thoughtful I am, or that I am so kind to let you in on this event, and you are so supremely excited that you can barely sit still in anticipation of getting home to see the race…


Oh go on, please…That’s just the kind of guy I am…


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