Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Snow's in Alabama

It has been a long time since the kids saw snow. Wait, aside from Aiden (the Buddha), who is the only one of our children to be born in AL, they haven't even had a chance to see the stuff, or how oddly southerners behave when it is forecasted. (i.e. Don't get between the hoards and the milk, bread, and beer aisles in the store after the forecast hits the news)

This snow was my kind of snow. It fell overnight this past Friday, and by noon Saturday, it was gone. It took 2 car hoods, all the snow on the deck and any other surface that would hold it to come up with our snowman. Oops, I just made a PC blunder...a thousand apologies to anyone in my vast audience that I may have offended. The snow-person, as it will henceforth be called, could be male or female. I must say, we did just fine in creating a good snow-person. It even had a carrot for a nose. Here Aiden, Bryce and Bryce's friend Paul are putting the finishing touches on the snow-person.

Yes, we did try to use celery for arms, but opted for the traditional twigs.

I must warn all snow-people that living in Alabama is very hazardous. Here is a series of photos detailing the life and times of the average Bama snow-person. Note that the kids thought he needed a good set of SpiderMan sunglasses even from the start. As you may have noticed, Old Frosty here did have a carrot for a nose. Unfortunately, a small dog (or a rogue plastic surgeon) reached up and snatched the carrot later in the day. The kids witnessed this horrific event, and I am sure that therapy will be necessary in the days to come.

"I'm Meeeelllltiiinnng! Aaaaah, It buurrrnss!

The life and times of the average Bama Snowman...dang...Snow-Person, can really be summed up in only 2 photos. Consider yourselves warned.

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