Saturday, March 15, 2008


Spring seems like it has been a long time in getting to Birmingham this year. It hasn't really been cold and wintry, aside from the light dustings of snow, but I have noticed more signs of spring in Atlanta than here. That seems odd to me since B'ham is at a lower altitude. Anyway, as of this weekend there are a good collection of flowers out on the trees, and I have been sneezing for about a week. Yep...Spring!

I am going to head over to the bike races at the nearby high school and watch a few friends do their impression of serious racers...or people who are having mild heart attacks. Either way, it's going to be fun. It's 70 degrees, and that makes it impossible to stay inside.

Stay tuned for pictures from this weekend's Cycling. Today there is a Criterium, from which I am staying a safe distance, and tomorrow there is Century ride in Trussville, and I am sure I will be pretty burned out by the end of that. Especially since I haven't trained nearly enough for that distance yet. These rides are for a very worthy cause, educating the public about the signs of a stroke, so that they can identify what is happening, get help more quickly, and save lives.

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