Monday, March 24, 2008

Bryce's 6th Birthday

I wanted to start off this post with a shot of Bryce so that you may compare the amazing changes we have watched over the past 6 years. The little guy below, that could easily be confused with Aiden, is Bryce at roughly 1.

Where in the instruction manual, which I managed to misplace on the night he arrived, does it say they can grow up so fast?

On another related note: I didn't get a second and third copy of the kid-instruction-manual upon the respective arrivals of my next two children. I think I heard something about print cost cutting measures in the hospital business when I inquired.

In the second photo above, the caption should read...ahem.

Robin (From Batman & Robin): "Hi! I'm Robin."

Bryce (From some show yet to be named) "Hi! I'm Six!" As he holds up 6 fingers...

I wanted to ask if he had seen Adam West recently, but the kid playing the character probably wouldn't have clue who I was talking about. Unless, of course, he was one of the fortunate few privy to this fantastically educational blog.

For Bryce's birthday, we took him to Six Flags along with his sister.

I was so proud. His first ride on a roller coaster was a good success, and he kept his hands up the whole time. sniff... a chip off the old block. The shot below is his the resulting face from the joy that is riding a roller coaster...One picture says it all, eh?

After riding that first coaster again, and then another bigger one, he asked if he could drive a car, and pleasantly, Six Flags obliged him with a yellow Model T, or S, or Q, or silent M, or something...

I hope he doesn't do this during his drivers test..uh...or at any other time while driving a car!

Here he shows his best table manners as he tried to avoid taking a "real" shot with the elusive "real smile" that parents seem to want their kids to produce when a camera is pointed at them.

Next he and his Mom hopped on the big kid swings while Ansley, who was unfortunately too short to ride, looked on. Make a guess who is having more fun?

Even though it is Bryce's Birthday Post, Ansley was there, and was doing her best to look...well...Ansley-ish (Read: Cute to the point of absurdity)

She is going to be the death of me in years to come. She does deserve a little part in this post because, for a 3 year old, she was fantastic the whole time in the park, which is really a difficult setting for little kids that wear out. How many times have you seen some little kid that was excited upon arrival absolutely dissolving in tears by lunchtime?

The caption below is "Pick Me Up, Daddy!"

Now, could anyone resist that? Nah, I didn't think so. In fact I am sure a few of you just had to resist a strange urge to pick up the monitor and hug it. Don't do this, please. I don't want to be blamed for back issues, or for you being considered "odd" around the office...well, some of you I can't help with that by now anyway.

An Easter Post will be coming in a day or two.


The Bernings said...

God, 6 years already?!? I remember crashing cars with him in your living room when he could barely walk. What the hell? As if I didn;t feel old enough already.......

Papa&Nana said...

Bryce looks so happy. What a great birthday treat! His first roller coaster ride (plus more) andwith hands up . . . I'm proud, too. (I just wouldn't do it, normally, but maybe with him.) And, he got to drive a car. I assure you that won't be the last request for that wonderful privilege.

I'd pick ol' Ansley up if she raised her arms and looked so cute, just like you did.

Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing the day with us.

Papa&Nana said...

Happy Birthday, Brycee!!!