Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Egg colors

Have you ever wondered where they came up with the colors they use on Easter eggs?

I can't say that I had really pondered why Easter eggs are painted with all the pastel colors, and honestly, eating a green, pink, and yellow colored egg was something that I am sure my Mom warned me about during my formative years.

Wouldn't a fire engine red, black, or silver work? Never mind that these would be the colors I would choose for a Porsche.

I'll stop there because I run the risk of digressing into dreaming about a cool car and losing the point of the post. So without adu, back on the topic.

Hmmm...what was the point? EGGS! Yes, painting eggs.

We paint them with these cutesy pastel color combinations that we would never see anywhere else, but this year, I realize that's not true. These are colors that actually occur in nature rather than in some sterile and scary Cadbury bunny laboratory.

Need proof?

I can't think of better colors this time of year, but I still wouldn't recommend eating such a colored egg...especially if it doesn't look like it was painted by a little kid...and its a touch smelly...eewww.

On a side note, I am sorry that I have been so lackadaisically lolly gagging about posting this week. I know my readership demands more of me. I hope they do, or more accurately I hope there is actually someone reading this at all...

I have a couple of posts in mind, but not on paper as it were. I will get the Easter pictures and commentary up in the next few days. Plus a very funny post on how to win every time at skeeball tournaments.

To be sure, since I am in New Orleans until Sunday, check back on Monday morning. My deepest apologies to all my avid readers...

Another random thought: Baseball season is here! So, Brenna sat through the annual tradition of watching Bull Durham...again. Did you know that movie is 20 years old now? The vibrant and attractive and, at the time, respectively 33 and 42 year old Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, are probably nervously checking for liver spots now!

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The Bernings said...

So what site did you rip those flower pictures from? I'm gonna find out and turn you in for copyright infringement. No way you took those yourself....